10 Easy Things You Can Do to Help Animals!

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Here are 10 easy things that you can do right now to help animals:

  1. Check out some of PETA’s predictions for the new year, and see whether 2018 will finally be the year that SeaWorld closes its doors.


  1. Watch this new PETA video featuring NBA legend John Salley and Brooklyn Nets star Jahlil Okafor and hear them discuss how removing animals from their diets improved their health and even their outlook on life. It’s clear that NFL players aren’t the only athletes embracing a vegan lifestyle.


  1. Bookmark this list of PETA’s most popular vegan recipes in 2017 for inspiration to kick-start your New Year’s resolution to eat better.


  1. Take time over the holidays to watch Ferdinand—a film about misunderstood animals and their right to be free, which was created in partnership with PETA’s friends at animal sanctuary The Gentle Barn.


  1. Pick up PETA’s Ferdinand-inspired “Pick flowers, not fights” shirtto remind everyone who sees it to “[b]e kind to all.”


  1. Persuade your meat-eating friends to try one of these 22 cruelty-free bacon and bacon-flavored foods to help them make a healthy and compassionate start to the new year.


  1. Review these lifesaving tips to help cats, dogs, and wildlife when it’s cold outside, and remind others why it’s important to take animals inside during the winter chill.


  1. Leave copies of PETA’s vegan starter kit and other literature in the seatback pockets of airplanes and the gate areas of airports when traveling over the holidays to reach captive audiences.


  1. Try these tasty vegan frozen pizzas when last-minute holiday shopping leaves you too exhausted to cook.


  1. Survive—and thrive—during holiday gatherings by using these easy tips. Remember that bringing vegans and meat-eaters to the same table doesn’t have to be a recipe for stress.