Animal Testing Breaks Hearts: Cruelty-Free Shopping Guide

This month, we rang in the Chinese New Year—beginning the Year of the Monkey—and we’re working harder than ever to free monkeys and all animals abused in laboratories. Believe it or not, animals are blinded, poisoned, and killed in unnecessary tests of things like lipstick, deodorant, toothpaste, dish soap, and other products.

But every single day, you can make a difference and show animals love by choosing to shop cruelty-free! peta2’s “Animal Testing Breaks Hearts” cruelty-free shopping guide is perfect for your pocket, and it lists tons of companies that don’t test on animals.


Reducing animal suffering is as easy as refusing to buy products from companies that test on animals. So the next time you head to the store to stock up on cosmetics or household products, arm yourself with PETA’s guide, and don’t go breakin’ any hearts. Just fill out the form below to receive a free “Animal Testing Breaks Hearts” cruelty-free shopping guide.

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