1. PETA’s “owl” and other activists swooped in to Johns Hopkins University during the school’s commencement ceremony, calling for an end to Shreesh Mysore’s cruel brain-mangling experiments on barn owls. Our demonstration garnered coverage in the university’s newspaper.
  2. We set up a giant “spider” in Washington, D.C., to “scare” the National Institutes of Health into acknowledging that Elisabeth Murray’s “fright night” experiments, in which she terrorizes vulnerable monkeys with realistic-looking spiders and snakes, must end.
  3. The University of Massachusetts–Amherst experiments on monkeys are in PETA’s crosshairs, and we’re rallying folks to take action against vile “menopause” experiments in which marmosets are subjected to invasive surgeries, restrained with zip ties, and (absurdly) forced to experience “hot flashes” via hand warmers.
  4. We’re slamming the government and the University of Illinois at Chicago for rubber-stamping a hideously racist experiment on mice and demanding that it be canceled immediately.
  5. PETA is blasting the University of Colorado–Boulder after a meadow vole in the school’s laboratory died with his or her head pinned between a PVC tube and a metal grid, and two other voles there perished of thirst. Our statement appeared on Yahoo! and in other outlets, reminding many readers why the university should get out of the animal-testing business.