1. It’s World Week for Animals in Laboratories (April 18 to 24), and PETA is cranking up the volume on our campaigns for tormented and depressed primates. We’re renewing our call for the closure of federally funded National Primate Research Centers and using ads and demonstrations to protest in these centers’ home cities and Washington, D.C.—encouraging young activists to help us illustrate the plight of monkeys in laboratories and recounting the heartbreaking story of Cornelius to galvanize kind people to take action.
  2. Our pal Bill Maher stars in a new PETA video spot that’s running on social media and conservative websites, slamming the government for wasting billions of tax dollars on cruel and archaic animal experiments.
  3. PETA U.K. made a splash in the city of Bath as costumed supporters dunked “mice” in beakers of water to condemn universities’ refusal to ban the frightening and widely discredited forced swim test.
  4. PETA neuroscientist Dr. Katherine Roe and veterinarian Dr. Ingrid Taylor soundly debunk claims made by Johns Hopkins University in its defense of Shreesh Mysore’s cruel and wasteful brain experiments on barn owls.
  5. We have more scientists on staff than any other animal rights organization, and many of our experts (like Drs. Roe and Taylor) are women—offering more proof that female researchers and entrepreneurs are paving the way toward a future free of animal tests.