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On August 4, the world reeled in shock to see the Lebanese capital, Beirut, devastated by an explosion. PETA leapt to action immediately, mobilizing workers and supporting rescuers around the city, thanks to our Global Compassion Fund.

PETA is determined to stop cruelty and suffering all around the world—which is exactly why the Global Compassion Fund is so important. When a crisis occurs—like the Beirut explosion—the fund financially supports animal-protection groups across the world in their essential work. This means organizations can get to work quickly—rescuing animals, providing spaying and neutering services, offering veterinary care, and educating local citizens on animal welfare—using their local knowledge and connections.

Once news spread of the Beirut explosion, PETA’s Global Compassion Fund reached out to Animals Lebanon and provided it with financial support to reunite lost animals with their families. The fund also helped send a PETA UK rescuer to Beirut, who worked in the city’s ruins, locating traumatized animals, providing them with care, and providing the animals’ guardians with dog and cat food.

Our rescuer secured several victories for animals, including a happy future for local dog, Arrow, who had been suffering long before the explosion. PETA’s rescuer found Arrow—a painfully thin “guard” dog whose ribs were showing through his fur—chained in the heat without drinking water. Locals warned our rescuer not to contact Arrow’s owner—as he would make any rescue efforts difficult—but our rescuer managed to charm the man into releasing Arrow into her care.

After receiving veterinary attention, neutering, and vaccinations, Arrow now thrives in a caring home in the hills outside Beirut. He relishes life with a loving family, instead of at the end of a chain.

You don’t need a loud bark or a piercing meow for PETA to hear your voice. On another day poring through the rubble, our rescuer came across a shell-shocked young chicken, who was hobbling through the devastated city. This resilient chicken—who our rescuer named Lola—suffered a fractured hip from the explosion. PETA’s rescuer rushed her to a vet where she received urgent care.

Recovery can take time, so it’s lucky that Lola’s new home is the ideal environment for healing. Lola now lives in a flock of 30 rescued chickens on the outskirts of Beirut, cared for by a kind vegan couple. She has begun eating and drinking with enthusiasm and has even secured a new best friend: Greg, a rooster, has popped her under his wing as she recovers from her ordeal.

Arrow, Lola, and many other animals in Beirut are alive today because caring individuals—like you!—support PETA’s Global Compassion Fund. When disasters occur, PETA will always be there, caring for the animals who may otherwise be abandoned, abused, or left to suffer without help. Please consider supporting our work with a donation, by clicking the button below.

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