Here is this week’s list of easy daily actions you can do to make a difference for animals. We hope that every week you’ll spend a few minutes taking some of these quick actions!

  1. Do you live in the U.S. and hate crude, cruel, and wasteful animal tests? Tell your congressional representatives to support the FDA Modernization Act.
  2. Demand that Petco do the right thing by ending all sales of birds, reptiles, and other small animals.
  3. Share Cornelius’ sad story with others and encourage them to join you in demanding that the University of Wisconsin–Madison retire this lonely macaque to a sanctuary.
  4. June 16 is World Sea Turtle Day! Grab your copy of Animalkind to revisit some facts about these fascinating reptiles.
  5. Discover why bans on hate speech should bar speciesist language from social media platforms, too.
  6. Father’s Day is June 20. Show the dads in your life that you care by sending a PETA Present!
  7. Check out PETA’s “How to Wear Vegan” clothing guide to find a vegan leather watch or silk-free tie for Dad, and share the link with everyone you know to promote compassionate clothing.
  8. Kick off Men’s Health Week (June 14 to 20) by reminding others of the many ways a vegan lifestyle can keep guys feeling their healthiest.
  9. Join the call for yoga-apparel giant lululemon to practice nonviolence toward geese and the planet by ditching down.
  10. Harness the power of the pen (or keyboard) and discover how you can write effective letters to help animals.