Christen Hanson’s Lasting Legacy for Animals

In 1990, Christen Hanson sent her first donation to PETA, beginning her decades-long commitment to animal rights. Though, sadly, Christen has passed away, she left a lasting legacy for animals by including a generous gift to PETA in her estate plans, which will support animals far into the future.

Christen also authored the book Angel Epitaphsa collection of loving messages and poems that she recorded from headstones around the world. She generously stipulated that 100% of the book’s proceeds be donated to PETA!

She was also sure to include a section of epitaphs for beloved animal companions who had passed away, including one for a dog named Pepe:



Pasatiempo, California

Those who knew Christen described her as kind, courageous, supportive, and an excellent listener. PETA is extremely grateful for her compassion and dedication to animal rights, both during her life and beyond.


You can read more about Christen’s inspiring life here, and please consider following in her footsteps by including PETA in your estate plans. If you have already made this kind decision, please let us know so we can thank you and welcome you into our Augustus Club.