1. We garnered major media coverage for our complaint to the U.S. Navy regarding animal abuse and mutilation in training exercises at Cobra Gold in Thailand, asserting that such conduct violates the Uniform Code of Military Justice. We’ve also urged the Navy to sanction any U.S. Marine Corps officers who direct Marines to participate in such gruesome killings.
  2. PETA U.K. is fighting a misguided new European Union strategy that proposes more tests on animals in attempts to see if chemicals disrupt humans’ endocrine systems. The group is also reminding officials that PETA affiliates’ Research Modernization Deal offers a roadmap for phasing out animal experiments and implementing far superior, cruelty-free test methods.
  3. PETA neuroscientist Dr. Emily Trunnell appeared on The PETA Podcast and penned a vital op-ed—picked up by major outlets—reminding regulators and the public alike why it’s time to modernize research.
  4. PETA has uncovered documents revealing horrific animal welfare violations at the University of Massachusetts–Amherst, including mice drowning, birds starving, and zebrafish being scalded to death. Now, we’re calling on the school to stop experimenting on animals.
  5. More trouble in Massachusetts: PETA is urging the Boston Police Department to investigate Brigham and Women’s Hospital after animals suffered in what appear to be multiple felony violations of state cruelty-to-animals prohibitions—all at the hands of seemingly grossly incompetent experimenters and other workers.