1. Huge victory! Taiwan’s largest health-food company, a licensee of PepsiCo’s Quaker Oats Company, has set a vital precedent by banning all animal tests not required by law after discussions with PETA.
  2. After learning that cows were fed feathers, sexually abused, and repeatedly bled in a published experiment that was coauthored by MSG giant Ajinomoto, we’re more determined than ever to push the company to join others in the food and beverage industry by stopping its abuse of animals in cruel and curiosity-driven experiments.
  3. Our eye-opening “Without Consent” exhibit is returning to Washington, D.C., to show residents, tourists, and government officials alike why it’s high time to end wasteful, deadly experiments on vulnerable individuals.
  4. PETA has military drills in our crosshairs—and through a pair of recent protests in the nation’s capital, we kept pressure on the Department of Defense to demand an end to the use of animals at Cobra Gold in Thailand. Our demonstrations, including one at the home of Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III, grabbed headlines in U.S. military outlets.
  5. Texas A&M University isn’t the only animal-torture chamber in the Lone Star State—PETA obtained a federal inspection report revealing three serious animal welfare violations against three species in a University of Texas–Austin laboratory, and we’re demanding that the school stop its tests on animals and modernize its research program immediately.