Animal Rahat (“rahat” means “relief” in Hindi) is a unique PETA-supported organization that was founded in 2003 to help some of the most neglected animals on Earth—the bullocks, donkeys, camels, and other working animals of India.

These animals spend their days toiling on city streets, country roads, and farms as well as in sugar mills, factories, and markets. They often suffer from dehydration, untreated sores, or muscle strain and are subjected to frequent beatings and other forms of abuse.

Animal Rahat is run by a dedicated staff that includes veterinarians, veterinary assistants, animal caretakers, and a full-time community educator. All of its veterinarians are on call for emergencies and advice around the clock, every day of the year. This lifesaving program offers services throughout three districts in Maharashtra (one of the largest states in India), operates a sanctuary in Sangli, and is now building a second sanctuary outside Delhi to help even more animals.

The new sanctuary is being built on 8.6 acres of a former mango orchard and will offer peace and freedom to animals who have spent their lives in misery and pain. While still under construction, the land is able to offer a loving home to 28 bullocks who were recently rescued from hauling heavy loads on Delhi’s congested city streets.

Now these handsome bulls are finding friends, relaxing in each other’s company under the shade of mango trees, and enjoying grooming stations and mineral-rich salt licks. They will never again be whipped or forced to haul heavy loads or toil under the hot sun. Every working animal in India deserves to experience kindness, relief, and freedom.

Watch bullocks like Nandi, Bahubali, Dhruv, Sudama, Heera, and Lalu settle into their new home, and please consider sponsoring Animal Rahat’s new sanctuary to help provide many other working animals with a life free from exhaustion and abuse.