1. Victory! After years of pressure from PETA, Taiwan has finalized its ban on near-drowning and electroshock tests on animals for food and beverage companies’ dubious anti-fatigue marketing claims.
  2. In case you missed it: PETA teamed up with Harry Potter star and owl advocate Evanna Lynch, a former Maryland state health secretary, and a Johns Hopkins University student to file a groundbreaking lawsuit challenging a federal Animal Welfare Act amendment that specifically excludes birds, rats, and mice bred in laboratories from minimum federal protections.
  3. PETA supporters recently set their sights on the Pentagon for an eye-catching protest—demanding an end to vile survival training drills during the Cobra Gold military exercise in Thailand.
  4. We’ve led the charge to remind defense departments around the world that because of vast anatomical and physiological differences between species, maiming animals is pointless when it comes to human trauma training—and now, the German military is the latest to agree to consider and evaluate human simulators and other sophisticated animal-free teaching tools after hearing from PETA!
  5. PETA’s again slamming the cruel brain experiments conducted on animals by Elon Musk’s company Neuralink, in which a monkey with a chip in his brain was made to manipulate a video screen in exchange for liquid.