1. We’ve teamed up with Harry Potter star Evanna Lynch, a former Maryland state health secretary, and a student to file a groundbreaking lawsuit as a “next friend” to barn owls, challenging a federal Animal Welfare Act amendment that excludes these birds and others bred in laboratories from even the barest protections afforded to other species and leaves them vulnerable to brain mutilation and torment at Johns Hopkins University (JHU). PETA also launched a campaign that inspired caring supporters to bury the office of JHU’s president under a mountain of phone calls, while our “owl” swooped in to deliver more than 239,000 petitions and lead activists in a spirited protest.
  2. PETA’s immersive “Without Consent” exhibit, which explores 100 years of suffering inflicted on nonconsenting sentient beings, is touring the U.S. this year with stops in major cities and at universities—and we’ve launched an eye-opening, fully interactive online version of the exhibit to reach countless internet users and encourage the new administration to end the funneling of federal funds toward wasteful, cruel animal tests.
  3. Ocean Spray, the maker of Craisins, has responded to PETA’s concerns and confirmed that it’s not affiliated in any way with Elisabeth Murray’s government-funded fright experiments on monkeys—in which dried cranberries are used to force captive primates to cooperate.
  4. Following our six-month undercover investigation exposing systemic neglect and misery at the University of Wisconsin’s (UW) federally funded primate “research” center, PETA has uncovered 56 separate reports of animal welfare violations at UW-Madison’s laboratories—proving once again that such prisons must be shut down. Meanwhile, black-clad PETA supporters in Seattle set up a “graveyard” near that city’s awful primate-testing facility, demanding that surviving monkeys be released to sanctuaries before it’s too late.
  5. After plastering Amsterdam, The Hague, and other cities with digital anti-experimentation ads during voting season, PETA Netherlands greeted new members of Parliament with a powerful demonstration calling on the Dutch government to reaffirm its commitment to becoming a world leader in animal-free research and innovation by 2025.