1. A German shorthaired pointer named Ned has died in Texas A&M University’s canine muscular dystrophy laboratory—leading us to renew our call for the school to have a heart and release its 20 surviving prisoners, many of whom are healthy and could be adopted into loving families.
  2. After a PETA undercover investigation into a hellish Minnesota chinchilla-breeding mill revealed filth, agony, and untreated ailments at every turn, a local college’s veterinary technician program has ended class fieldtrips to the facility—and our radio spot is keeping pressure on laboratories and stores to reconsider their relationships with the mill.
  3. We’re alerting the public to 10 terrible things that monkeys will endure at experimenters’ hands this year—including at taxpayer-funded, notoriously wasteful national primate “research” centers.
  4. PETA U.K.’s ads depicting the terrifying forced swim test have been banned from buses in Bath, but that isn’t deterring the group from demanding that institutions of higher learning reject this cruel and widely discredited experiment.
  5. PETA’s slamming the University of Georgia–Athens for racking up yet another federal animal welfare citation and proving that even anesthesia and blood draws can be deadly when small animals are left to the mercy of reckless or incompetent laboratory workers.