When PETA friend Sigrid bought a condo on a Gulf Island in British Columbia, she was delighted to meet her new neighbors: a small flock of wild turkeys.

The beautiful birds would often wander around the complex, searching out tasty treats and taking dust baths in the bushes. But when one inquisitive bird scratched someone’s car, a death sentence was imposed by the condo’s board of directors.

When Sigrid learned of the plan to “cull” the birds, she jumped into action.

She left a message with the condo (called “strata” in B.C.) vice president, while her friend, PETA Vanguard Society and Augustus Club member Dave C. researched the provincial wildlife regulations. The two got everyone, from the local conservation officer to Environment Canada, involved and also called the “report a poacher” hotline. Were these turkeys protected or not? No one could agree.

The mixed messages only drove Sigrid and Dave on. Sigrid wrote to the strata board urging its members to cancel the kill and offered to work with them to find a nonlethal solution. The pressure mounted when the conservation officer called the president of the strata board to let her know that any kill plan would require a permit.

A few days into the campaign, Sigrid received an e-mail from the president of the strata board saying it wouldn’t be applying for a cull. There were no objections about that decision from other members of the board. Thanks to Sigrid and Dave, the cruel cull was canceled!

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