Enjoy Every Last Moment of Summer With These Animal-Friendly Finds

Is it just me or has summer flown by this year? I am not ready for long sleeves and spiced cider.

For those of us whose favorite season involves beach balls and flip-flops, the good folks over at the PETA Mall have rounded up some fun products to help us squeeze every last drop out of the days filled with sunshine, lemonade, and fresh air. And because every one of the companies listed supports PETA’s vital work, these festive finds will help bring about sunnier days for animals, too. Let’s dive in!

Fitting in one last summer getaway? Grab your essentials while you help animals get away, too (from laboratories, factory farms, and roadside zoos). PETA staffers are loving these:

Swim and travel wear from Noize

… sandals from Nomadic State of Mind

… breathable undergarments from WAMA

… travel bags from Sakroots

… or Lulu Dharma

… passport wallets from Doshi

… camera straps from Couch

… toothbrushes, travel cases, and vegan floss from DrTung’s

… travel contact care from Clear Conscience

… sunscreen from Brush On BlockBÜ,  or Suntegrity

… travel spray vitamins from DR. SPRAY’S

… deodorant, bug repellant, and more from Très Spa

… and protein bars from Nuzest.

For en route entertainment, turn to podcasts from Main Street Vegan and PETA, and for local restaurant reviews, check out abillion. If you’re not sure where to head yet, Veg Jaunts and Journeys offers loads of inspiring destinations.

If your four-legged travel buddy is coming along, pick up must-haves like these:

Carriers from Mr. Peanut’s

… compostable waste bags from MoonyGreen

… a protective CoyoteVest

… and healthy, cruelty-free food from Petaluma

… or Because, Animals.

After the Beyond Burgers have been grilled and the cornhole has been played, top off the last cookout of the year with …

… ice cream from Sorbabes

… or cookies from Maya’s Cookies.

(PETA’s fun new Grillin’ Without Killin’ Kit makes a great host gift, too.)

 Check back next week for even more great end of summer finds from the PETA Mall!