5 Ways PETA Is Helping Animals in Laboratories This Week

  1. It’s a banner month for animals in Taiwan! Asia’s largest food company, Uni-President Enterprises Corporation, as well as a leading soft-drink manufacturer and Coca-Cola bottling partner in Taiwan have listened to PETA and announced that they’re banning all animal tests not explicitly required by law. Yakult USA also confirmed that Yakult Taiwan, Ltd., which is known in Taiwan for its probiotic drinks, is now formally included in its parent company’s policy banning nonrequired animal tests.
  2. In response to PETA’s complaints, federal officials are investigating Texas A&M University’s treatment of ailing dogs and looking into apparently false statements made by the head of its canine muscular dystrophy laboratory.
  3. Last week, PETA broke an investigation into a dog-breeding facility operated by Envigo, which supplies gentle beagles to the National Institutes of Health and other organizations that experiment on animals. This week, we’ve learned that the deplorable facility has been cited for more than two dozen federal Animal Welfare Act violations.
  4. PETA “dinosaurs” are becoming world famous! This week, PETA U.K. supporters wearing inflatable dinosaur costumes gathered in Bristol, England, to demand that the local university abandon prehistoric experiments like the forced swim test.
  5. Our anti-dissection campaign has taken another leap forward. We’ve plastered Oklahoma City with ads encouraging families to take advantage of a district policy allowing students to choose humane, trauma-free dissection instead of cutting up frogs’ corpses. Meanwhile, PETA’s humane education division, TeachKind, gave away 25 high-tech SynFrogs at this year’s National Association of Biology Teachers conference.