1. PETA has blown the lid off a hideous breeding mill in Virginia, where some 5,000 beagles are imprisoned in crowded, stressful conditions and female dogs are repeatedly bred so that their puppies can be sold to experimenters. Our evidence has now prompted the U.S. Department of Agriculture to conduct a multiday inspection of that awful facility.
  2. While violence has wracked Sudan, PETA has donated lifesaving equipment to the country’s animal-free Advanced Trauma Life Support program: this time, a third TraumaMan surgical simulator. We’ve now donated 120 of these high-tech simulators to replace animals in gruesome, deadly surgical training drills throughout the world.
  3. See PETA U.K.’s new ad condemning the University of Bristol’s forced swim tests on the homepage of the school’s own student newspaper.
  4. Representatives from the University of Massachusetts–Amherst want to silence PETA protests—but that won’t keep our supporters from peacefully challenging the school’s cruel and absurd menopause experiments on marmosets.
  5. PETA supporters recently gathered at another Texas A&M University alumni event, keeping pressure on the school’s president to allow the 19 survivors of its canine muscular dystrophy laboratory to be released for a chance at adoption.