1. After working with PETA experts, hair-care giant TRESemmé has banned all experiments on animals anywhere in the world and is joining our cruelty-free list!
  2. After hearing from PETA, the biotechnology giant Amgen confirmed that it would no longer conduct the forced swim test—and we won’t slow down until Eli Lilly and all drug companies enact the same compassionate policy.
  3. PETA’s powerful “Without Consent” exhibit, which explores 100 years of suffering inflicted on nonconsenting sentient beings, made a stop in Philadelphia—offering a historical perspective and alerting residents to hideous experiments and abuse still occurring at the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Pittsburgh, Temple University, and other institutions.
  4. Our expert primatologist, Dr. Lisa Jones-Engel, is sharing what she saw as a former employee of the Washington National Primate Research Center and encouraging everyone to help all species by abandoning the broken animal-testing system.
  5. The clock is ticking: PETA’s ramping up pressure on Texas A&M University’s interim president to release the last 20 dogs still held at the school’s canine muscular dystrophy laboratory before he leaves his post next week.