1. A Maryland state agency has confirmed to PETA that Shreesh Mysore’s brain-mangling tests on owls were illegal for years: The Johns Hopkins University experimenter squandered public funds on the imprisonment and torment of these fascinating birds—without the state’s permission. Stay tuned.
  2. Our “Eye on NIH” Facebook page is keeping the public up to date on cruel government-funded animal experiments—a tremendous waste of time, lives, and tax dollars.
  3. The Washington National Primate Research Center is refusing to release video from inside its secretive infant laboratory, so PETA has sued to obtain the footage. In the meantime, we’re releasing a new video revealing similar psychological torment at other primate laboratories.
  4. Ahead of Air France’s shareholders’ meeting next week, we’re powerfully renewing our call for the company to end the vile practice of shipping monkeys to be used in experiments in laboratories.
  5. An op-ed by PETA Netherlands’ science adviser reached 400,000 readers, exposing ethical and scientific failures and breaking down why the new Dutch government must recommit to becoming a leader in animal-free research by 2025.