1. PETA scientists, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and international experts have co-authored a groundbreaking paper documenting the unreliability of the hideous Draize eye test on rabbits that amplifies our call for the use of human-relevant test methods instead.
  2. The Johns Hopkins University student newspaper ran a terrific article on PETA’s groundbreaking lawsuit challenging the federal law that allows the torment of captive-bred barn owls in a school laboratory.
  3. After the University of Massachusetts–Amherst abruptly shut down talks with PETA about replacing animal tests with superior research and training methods, we’re planning anti-experimentation protests and an ad blitz near campus—and keeping a watchful eye out for more federal animal welfare violations.
  4. PETA demonstrators carting a life-size dog statue paid a visit to an Ajinomoto office in North Carolina, demanding that the MSG giant swear off the use of grisly animal tests to make dubious marketing claims.
  5. A PETA scientist took Eli Lilly to task during its virtual annual meeting, submitting a shareholder question that exposed the futility and cruelty of the pharmaceutical company’s refusal to ban the forced swim test.