Submitted by Marvin (Nick) Saines; art by Dom Rinaldo

Please enjoy the second in a series of animal-friendly jokes to help begin the new year with a smile. To stay up to date with the latest jokes, inspirational rescue stories, and activism ideas, subscribe to PETA Prime E-News. If you missed the first joke, you can find it here.

Two guys with dogs are walking down the street one summer day. One has a German shepherd, and one has a Chihuahua. The guy with the German shepherd says, “Let’s go into that restaurant to eat.” The other guy says, “But dogs aren’t allowed in there.” The guy with the German shepherd puts on his sunglasses and tells his friend, “Just do what I do—follow me.”

The guy with the German shepherd goes first but is stopped by the man at the door, who says, “Sorry, sir—no dogs allowed.” The guy replies sternly, “This is a seeing-eye dog!” The guard, embarrassed, says, “Oh, sorry, sir—go right ahead.” Then the guy with the Chihuahua walks up. Angrily, the guard says, “I suppose you’re going to tell me that Chihuahua is a seeing-eye dog!” Shocked, the guy says, “You mean they gave me a Chihuahua?”


Marvin (Nick) Saines is an adjunct professor of environmental science at the College of Southern Nevada, the southwest region director of the Association of Environmental & Engineering Geologists, and a Sierra Club hike leader. He lives in Las Vegas with his wife and two cats.

Dom Rinaldo was a popular Las Vegas cartoonist who illustrated several joke books and enjoyed entertaining people as a ventriloquist, magician, and clown. His son Vic, a caricature artist, said, “He had a great time living life.” Dom lives on in his wonderful cartoons and illustrations.