Spring has sprung, friends! Flowers are blossoming, bees are buzzing, and we can once again enjoy vegan ice cream and nondairy smoothies without freezing. To help you launch into a vibrant and productive spring, check out PETA’s new “Time to Get Active” issue of PETA Global, our riveting member magazine!

PETA Global

Fact: Putting your compassion into action saves lives. Get inspired by reading about Joe, a captive chimpanzee who’d been discarded by the entertainment industry and was languishing in solitary confinement at a seedy roadside zoo when PETA met him. After years of working to free Joe, PETA took the zoo’s owners to court, which prompted the zoo to surrender the chimpanzee. Today, he enjoys life in a natural habitat, playing with friends of his own species at Save the Chimps, a lush Florida sanctuary.

Sometimes, it can be challenging to know where to start when you want to participate in the animal rights revolution. This issue of PETA Global is full of motivating content to get you going, including a checklist of 20 ways in which you can amp up your animal rights activism and a guide to snappy comebacks for the questions that people often ask animal advocates, with gem responses such as, “Tradition never justifies abuse.” Don’t miss the excerpt from PETA President Ingrid Newkirk’s latest talk, “It’s Time to Burst the Human Superiority Bubble.”

From an interview with “actorvist” Mena Suvari to a feature on whistleblowing and uplifting victories, the latest issue of PETA Global has all the inspiration that you’ll need to join the animal rights revolution or boost your involvement in it. Be sure to turn on your device’s sound and take advantage of the interactive features that PETA Global offers online, such as clickable links, pop-up images, and videos.

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