More Americans Forgo Meaty Meals Few issues have as great an impact on animals, the environment, and your health as the modern American diet. From the intense suffering of billions of chickens, pigs, and other animals on factory farms to the huge health-care costs of treating heart disease, diabetes, cancer and the multitude of other sometimes fatal ailments that frequently have a link to a person’s diet, there is little doubt that the way that most Americans eat needs to change—and now! That’s why we’re encouraging PETA Prime readers to take part in a revolution—a food revolution!

From April 26 to May 4, you’re invited to join renowned author John Robbins as he hosts a special free online event to discuss the future of food: the Food Revolution Summit. John will interview 24 of the top doctors, activists, and celebrities who are actively advocating healthy, sustainable, humane, and compassionate eating.

They’ll expose how our food supply is contaminated with hormones, antibiotics, genetically modified organisms, chemical cocktails, and neurotoxic pesticides. They’ll explain how to avoid health dangers and thrive on a plant-based diet, and they’ll tell you about the latest breakthrough insights and up-to-the-minute research on the ways that diet, health, and the future of our food affect one another.

You can get vital information and inspiration from leaders such as Woody Harrelson, Dr. Mark Hyman, Jane Goodall, Dr. Dean Ornish, PETA’s Animal Times “Dr. in the House” columnist Dr. Neal Barnard, Alicia Silverstone, and Amy Goodman. Many other influential and trusted voices will be included as well, all online from anywhere on Earth—and it’s all available to you for no cost.

Join the Food Revolution Summit, and you’ll come away with the resources to help you do the following:

Find out why some vegetarians thrive and others do not.

  • Cut through corporate disinformation and get the real story on genetically modified organisms, soy, vitamins, and more.
  • Bring your food choices into alignment with the compassionate world that you want to create.
  • Become a more effective food and animal advocate.

There’s no cost to participate. You can listen from your phone or computer, and the moment that you register, you’ll receive the free Real Food Action Guide, which will reveal medical breakthroughs that the food industry hopes you’ll never discover, including the truth about genetically engineered foods.

Click here to register for the 2014 Food Revolution Summit!

Join us, and let the food revolution begin!