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Tips on Preventing Harm to Wildlife This Winter

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There are many ways in which you can be a lifesaver, especially as winter approaches. Please share these valuable tips with neighbors and friends so that the birds, mice, opossums, squirrels, raccoons, and other animals whose habitats intersect with ours can be protected from harm: Cap your chimney. When birds sit on top of a chimney for […]

  • Oct
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Living the Slug Life

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I didn’t choose the slug life, the slug life chose me. It all started when a tawny-colored slug showed up on my porch when I was 4 years old. Instantly enamored, I gave him a name that only a kid could love: Foo Foo. I loved Foo Foo and considered him my first companion animal. […]

  • Feb
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Shocking Video of Deer Baiting, Netting Unveiled

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Citizens in Lakeway, Texas, are calling on their city to end the traumatic trapping and butchering of deer. Urge Lakeway officials to adopt humane solutions today.

  • Jul
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Dynamic Duo Make a Difference

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When PETA friend Sigrid bought a condo on a Gulf Island in British Columbia, she was delighted to meet her new neighbors: a small flock of wild turkeys. The beautiful birds would often wander around the complex, searching out tasty treats and taking dust baths in the bushes. But when one inquisitive bird scratched someone’s […]

  • Jun
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Saving Baby Starlings

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We keep our sailboat at the Port Whitby Marina on the north shore of Lake Ontario. Since the harbor and sometimes the lake freeze in winter, the boat is stored on a cradle on land. On April 23, we removed the winter cover to prepare for our launch on May 13. A couple of days […]

  • Jun
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A Wildlife Filmmaker ‘Fesses Up

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In an era of global media saturation, Confessions of a Wildlife Filmmaker: The Challenges of Staying Honest in an Industry Where Ratings Are King is a timely and important book. Author Chris Palmer is a wildlife filmmaker. The book is written as a memoir in a series of chapters called “confessions,” and Palmer acknowledges that in […]

  • May
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Helping Your ‘Nest’ Friends

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It’s springtime, and since our yard is very animal-friendly, we have many critters who come back year after year and some who never leave, staying to raise their new families. Every spring, two birds nest in our climbing rose bush in front of the house. However, we cut the rose bush back this winter, so […]

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