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  • Jan
  • 23

Victory! UW-Madison Closes Cruel Cat Lab

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Victory! Following a PETA campaign to expose and end cruel and archaic sound-localization experiments on cats at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, the embattled laboratory has closed its doors for good and released several cats.

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  • Aug
  • 7

Victory! Georgia Aquarium’s Application to Import Belugas Denied

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Virtual (and perhaps a few real) champagne corks are flying at PETA over a decision by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Fisheries Service to deny the Georgia Aquarium a permit to import 18 wild-caught beluga whales from Russia. This could spell the beginning of the end for wretched exhibitions of whales imprisoned at aquariums and marine parks such as SeaWorld , which would have acquired some of the …

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  • Jan
  • 28

Victory: Angel’s Gate Permanently Closed!

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Victory: Angel's Gate Permanently Closed!

Great news! The hellhole formerly known as “Angel’s Gate, Inc.,” has been shut down for good!

After PETA provided evidence that Angel’s Gate had persistently failed to comply with reporting laws for nonprofits, the New York Attorney General’s Office filed suit to dissolve Angel’s Gate for receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in donations without accounting for any …

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  • Jun
  • 25

Victory—Caboodle Banned From Having Animals

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In a huge victory for animals, Judge Greg Parker of Florida’s 3rd Judicial Circuit has ordered that Caboodle Ranch not get back any of the animals who were seized following a PETA undercover investigation. Just as importantly, Judge Parker ruled that Caboodle cannot possess or have custody of any live animals!

The ruling comes after three days of evidence …

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  • Jun
  • 20

Kentucky Bans Race-Day Drug for Horses

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In a huge victory for horses—one that’s sure to get even bigger as its effects are felt throughout the racing industry—the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission has approved a plan to phase out the use of the race-day medication furosemide, also known as Lasix and Salix, in races in the bluegrass state, following pressure from PETA, The Jockey Club, and other progressive …

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  • Jan
  • 2

Victory! Angel’s Gate Founder Charged

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The Delaware County, New York, District Attorney’s Office has filed charges of cruelty to animals as well as a drug-related charge against Susan Marino, the woman responsible for the horrific suffering of hundreds of animals at Angel’s Gate, Inc., which she founded, operates, and dares to call “a hospice and rehabilitation center.”

PETA’s investigation of this hellhole exposed the …

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  • Dec
  • 15

A Historic Day for Chimpanzees

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We’ve been saying it for years. Today, the committee of scientists commissioned by the federal government to examine the scientific validity of experiments on chimpanzees publicly agreed with us. The long-awaited Institute of Medicine (IOM) report concludes: “[M]ost current biomedical research use of chimpanzees is not necessary.”

The report is the first step toward ending all experimentation on these remarkable animals . …

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