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Triple-Threat Diet for Kindness, Sustainability, and Health

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I adopted a plant-based lifestyle nearly 40 years ago and want to explain why I continue to eat, shop, and dine in this manner so many years later.   V is for vitality.  Eating many chlorophyll-rich vegetables—including some raw and living foods such as sprouts, sea vegetables, and blue-and-green algae—helps power me through long days with […]

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The Chicken by the Road

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I was driving down Route 404 in Delaware when I saw her: a little white chicken sitting just inches away from speeding cars, facing directly into oncoming traffic, her eyes wide open. I pulled over, gently gathered her up, wrapped her in a towel, and placed her on my lap. At first, she squawked in […]

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VIDEO: PETA’s Banned Thanksgiving “School Play” Ad

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Every November, children across the country rehearse for their school play, for which they’ll dress like Pilgrims and Native Americans and re-enact the very first Thanksgiving almost 400 years ago. It’s probably a good thing that the play ends with that first happy Thanksgiving get-together, because, after that, things didn’t go so well for the […]

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Make History! Sign a Petition for a Cruelty-Free Room in the White House

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Very soon, President-elect Donald Trump will be moving into the White House, which means, among other things, that it’s almost time to redecorate! The members of every First Family are given their own renovation budget—usually, $100,000—although they often spend their own money or accept private donations to allow for more extensive changes. What if, this […]

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Thanksgiving Recipe Cheat Sheet

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Many of us are thankful for animals every day and choose not to include them on our plates each day of the year. Around the holidays, however, we are given the extra opportunity to let our compassion shine through via tasty vegan recipes that inspire our loved ones to extend their circle of compassion too. […]

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Creepy and Cute Vegan Halloween Recipes

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Halloween is approaching, and we’re preparing with these Halloween-themed snacks. As long as the blood isn’t real, we support it! You don’t need cruelty on your plate to put on a good Halloween horror show.

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I Want Candy!

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When I was a kid, candy was my favorite food group. Lollipops, gummy bears, taffy, jelly beans—you name it. If it had sugar in it, I would eat it, no questions asked. Now that I’m vegan and (ahem) a little older, my palate is a bit more sophisticated. But just because I’ve traded in candy […]

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