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Pocket Paradise North of Miami

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Pocket Paradise North of Miami

Bicycling north of Miami’s beaches, I found a bit of paradise in an unlikely place. With a row of modern white skyscrapers girding its shoreline, Sunny Isles Beach offers an array of amusements, along with a welcoming attitude toward vegans and vacationers who travel with companion animals.

The compact barrier island just north of Miami is a good place to …

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  • Oct
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Win With HumaneTrip.com!

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Falling leaves and dropping temperatures are a sure sign that the frigid gray days of winter will soon be upon us. But thanks to HumaneTrip.com , your escape from the coming chill may be only a mouse click away!

PETA Business Friend HumaneTrip.com is offering an exclusive chance for you to win a week-long ultimate vacation to Hawaii ! What better way to beat the …

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Animal Allies Need City Rankings, Too!

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USA Today recently published a list produced by the Milken Institute of the best cities in which to grow older. Although health care was a key component of the study, its authors failed to take into consideration one of the factors that can help keep you from requiring remedial health care in the first place—namely, a healthy vegetarian diet. To …

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  • Jul
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Louisville’s Edgy Veggie Bardstown Scene

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There’s much more to Louisville, Kentucky , than horseracing and bourbon.

I talked about NuLu in a piece earlier this year , but I hope to return to check out some of the area’s new attractions. Among them is a new Consuming Cultures exhibit at Proof on Main , which features Johnston Foster’s birds made of scavenged materials. Dana Ellyn , who has tackled heavy themes such as …

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  • Jun
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Saving Sardinia’s Strays

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Saving Sardinia's Strays

I was in Sardinia last week, and as I drove along the highway, I caught a glimpse of tan fur. I did a U-turn and discovered two dogs who were sitting in a pull-off area. They ran away the moment the car door opened. However, poking about in the bushes, I found a saucepan, a water bowl, …

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  • May
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Does Your Pooch Buckle Up?

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According to a one recent study, 60 percent of dog guardians have been distracted by their canine companions while driving, and only 17 percent use some sort of restraint system for their furry friends. Using a travel harness, carrier, or restraint for your companion animal protects you and your dog by minimizing distractions while driving and safeguarding …

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Keep on Driving!

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If your family is already eagerly planning a road trip this summer, there is an easy way to save time and gas—and avoid bringing home awful memories. Simply drive on by decrepit roadside zoos and other cruel tourist traps that use animals. Unfortunately, these archaic exhibits are kept in business, in part, because tired parents and grandparents …

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