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  • Nov
  • 27

MoneyWatch Agrees: It Pays to Be Vegan

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Here’s some  free financial advice from MoneyWatch: If you want to  save money, go vegan . Beef and dairy prices are expected to rise by 5 percent in 2011. Pig meat-or “pork” to those who like to pretend that they’re eating something other than the flesh of a dead, dismembered pig-will likely cost 3 or 4 percent more next year too.

And people who are …

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  • Nov
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What if Furriers Held a Party …

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And no one came? That is, no one but a troupe of sign-waving animal defenders who re-enacted furriers’ torturous treatment of animals-and got high fives from passersby.

Well, the Fur Council of Canada hosted a seminar yesterday at the Museum of Civilization in Ottawa about the future of the fur industry, covering topics such as (don’t laugh) “ Fur Is Green

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  • Nov
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Victory! Hens Spared Horrific Death in Grinder

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Last week , we told you about TWJ Farms, an egg factory farm in Nebraska that planned to kill 70,000 unwanted chickens by placing them in an industrial machine and grinding them up-while still alive. According to a whistleblower, TWJ has killed hundreds of thousands of hens this way in recent years, and TWJ CEO Joe Claybaugh seems to …

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  • Nov
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Top 5 Vegetarian-Friendly NFL Stadiums

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Here it is: PETA’s third annual list of top vegetarian-friendly NFL stadiums. Football and food fans will rush to try the tasty eats available at these concession stands.

1. Lincoln Financial Field (Philadelphia Eagles) Flying high at number one is the Eagles’ Lincoln Financial Field, where protein-packed mock-steak sandwiches, faux-chicken sandwiches, veggie dogs, and veggie burgers are coming off the …

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  • Nov
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An Egg a Day Keeps the Doctor … Wealthy

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If you had the same reaction that I did (i.e., violent retching) when you heard about KFC’s hideously unhealthy  Double Down (you know, the sandwich that replaced bread with fried chicken and forced you to think about all those globules of deadly gunk  gumming up people’s blood vessels ), get this: A single egg yolk contains vastly more cholesterol than an entire Double Down. As Dave Barry …

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  • Nov
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33 Dead Greyhounds Found at Racetrack

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Officials responding to a complaint about the smell of decaying animals at Florida’s Ebro Greyhound Park found  33 dead and decomposing dogs who had apparently starved to death as well as four more dogs who were near death. Racer Ronald Williams was arrested and charged with 37 counts of felony cruelty to animals in connection with what the county sheriff says is one …

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  • Oct
  • 26

U.K.’s Oldest Circus Goes Animal-Free!

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The U.K.’s Chipperfield’s Circus-which has been exploiting animals since 1684(!) and was in the news following the  beating of a baby chimpanzee some years back-has gone animal-free!

Between 1996 and 1998, a long-term investigation of the circus led to successful cruelty-to-animals convictions of the circus’s owners, Mary and Roger Chipperfield; jail for the elephant handler; and the closure of three of the circuses …

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