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  • Jan
  • 17

Why People Abandon Animals

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I’ve been an animal shelter volunteer for more than 10 years. A lot of strays come in the door, but the animals who really touch me are the ones they call the “owner surrenders.” These are the animals who had a home and lost it, and over the years I’ve tried to understand why people […]

  • Aug
  • 17

‘No-Kill’ Horror Stories

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To hear proponents of “no-kill” talk, one would conclude that the only reason why animals in shelters are euthanized is because open-admission shelter workers just haven’t closed their eyes, clicked their heels, and wished hard enough. They hold up so-called “no-kill communities” around the country as “models,” but are these communities really as successful as […]

  • May
  • 9

Dogs in Need Hijack Author’s Work

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Back in May 2007, I saw a story on the local news: A dog with a bullet in her back and her six puppies had landed in a Los Angeles animal shelter and desperately needed fostering. We were moved, but the timing could not have been more inconvenient. I’d begun work on my latest novel, […]

  • May
  • 2

Helping Some Animals While Eating Others?

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Your local animal shelter or favorite rescue group does a fantastic job helping cats and dogs. You want to offer your full support. Then you are invited to the big annual fundraiser. This is usually a food-centered event such as a dinner or a barbecue—and it all too often features meat. Then you find out […]

  • Dec
  • 7

Animals Deserve Good Lives – and Good Deaths

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You might not know me, but I’ll bet you’ve heard of my father, Tony Nicklinson. He became famous for something no one would wish on their worst enemy. A stroke in 2005 left him paralyzed from the neck down, unable to speak, care for himself or live any semblance of the life he once loved. […]

  • Jul
  • 21

Supporting Your Local Animal Shelter

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I firmly believe that in order to solve the animal overpopulation crisis, we need to support PETA’s efforts to actively educate people about the need for spaying and neutering and back its work to stop breeders and puppy mills from bringing more dogs and cats into a world where there are already millions of animals […]

  • Oct
  • 7

Excuses, Laws, and Homeless Cats

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What is the most annoying excuse you’ve been handed from somebody who refuses to spay or neuter their cat? Is it “Oh, I know I can find homes for all the kittens” or perhaps “My kids need to see the miracle of birth”? Is it “I can’t afford it” (from a person who buys large […]

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