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  • Sep
  • 29

San Diego Mexican Restaurant Debuts All-Vegan Menu

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Casa de Reyes in San Diego, California, teamed up with PETA to offer its first all-vegan menu, which was unveiled to the public on September 13. And since two of my favorite things are PETA and vegan Mexican food, I had to try it out! So my husband and I rounded up some of our […]

  • Oct
  • 19

Top 5 Vegetarian-Friendly NFL Stadiums 2012

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At the same time as vegan star running back Arian Foster and the Texans are making my hometown proud on the field (Bayou City, represent!), PETA has announced its 2012 list of the Top Five Vegetarian-Friendly NFL Stadiums. Football is played with a ball called a “pigskin” (often erroneously), but folks who are fans of […]

  • Mar
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V-Note: Striking the Right Chord

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V-Note is a relative newcomer to the vegan restaurant scene in New York—a city admittedly not suffering from a shortage of vegan options. An East Side venture opened by the folks behind Blossom, this elegant vegan wine bar and restaurant pairs carefully selected wines with gourmet vegan dining. My husband and I were eager to […]

  • Dec
  • 28

Short North Noshing

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This is the second of two posts on compassionate travel to Columbus, Ohio. You can read Robin’s first post here. On one wall of Knead, a modern diner in Columbus, Ohio, there’s a map of the state denoting locations of nearby farms. For me, it set the tone for Short North, the city’s arts district. […]

  • Oct
  • 28

Native Foods Prop 2 Party

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My friends Jill and Jeff Native Foods is one of my favorite vegan restaurants. Not only do they have awesome food, they also voice their opinion about animal rights loud and clear. The Costa Mesa, California, location is a restaurant that I frequent, being just shy of an hour’s drive from my home. It’s housed […]

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