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  • Sep
  • 18

Is Demonstrating for Animals on Your Bucket List?

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Bucket lists aren’t about “things to do before you kick the bucket”—they’re all about experiencing something new and adventurous, often while doing activities that help others, such as attending or organizing a demonstration for animals! Taking part in a demonstration for animals can be as easy as joining PETA’s Action Team. Once you sign up, […]

  • Oct
  • 29

I Was Never a Protester Until…

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Among the ways I help animals by writing letters—lots of them. My letters are directed to the editors of newspapers and magazines, and they voice my opinion about articles regarding animal rights issues. I write letters for many reasons. One of those reasons is that I am somewhat shy and introverted, and being an “armchair […]

  • Oct
  • 20

Protest Saves Horse From Slaughter

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Talk about fast results: When star PETA member Emily Lavender organized protests against horse slaughter across Canada earlier this month, one horse was saved on the spot! Protesters outside a slaughterhouse in Québec spotted a man who was about to hand a horse over to be killed because he didn’t want to pay for a medical […]

  • Aug
  • 6

Prime Action Alert: Speak Out for Elephants!

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The first animal rights video that I ever viewed showed an elephant in a circus who seemed to snap during a performance. First, she went for the trainer (read: the man who beat her every day). Then, she ran out of the auditorium and into the street before rifles were leveled at her and she […]

  • Jul
  • 27

PETA Activist Spotlight: 500th Protest and Counting!

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My 50th birthday is approaching at the speed of sound, and the occasion got me thinking about how long I’ve been working for animal rights. According to my estimates, last week’s demonstration in downtown West Palm Beach was my 500th protest. I was there with two scantily clad young PETA ladies who were taking a […]

  • Apr
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The Vegan Grandmother: Take Your Grandkids to Protests

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Young kids can be very sensitive. They find wonder in everyday things and are fascinated with absorbing life as it is unveiled around them. Kids can be empathetic as well, with an innate ability to understanding the feelings of others. Little kids oversimplify the measures that we use when determining right or wrong; there’s not […]

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