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PETA Business Friends


PETA Business Friends

  • Jul
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Prime Contest: Win Some Bling for Your Best Friend

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best friends

Claire Chew believes that we should “cherish, celebrate and commemorate” the animals in our lives, and she started her company, Luxepets, in honor of her beloved dog Sophie to help clients do just that. For fashionable four-legged friends, Luxepets offers an array of whimsical charms and ID tags—from St. Francis to a lucky buddha—and chic […]

  • Jun
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The Fashion of the Future Is Here, and It’s Made of Cork

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Happy cow at SASHA Farm Sanctuary.

Most Prime readers probably already know that there’s nothing animal- or eco-friendly about leather. Buying leather bags, belts, jackets, or wallets means subjecting cows and other animals to the horrors of factory farms and slaughterhouses. And just like fur, leather is loaded with toxic chemicals to keep it from decomposing in the buyer’s closet. Who […]

  • Jun
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Bags, Belts, and Beyond: 6 Great Places to Get Vegan Leather

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Couch Guitar Strap500

From runways to running shoes, vegan leather is popping up everywhere. If you’re ready to shed your skins, PETA Business Friends is here to help. With vegan leather jackets, coats, blazers, shoes, handbags, and wallets—even interior design services and guitar straps—there is no shortage of chic and cruelty-free options. Why is vegan leather taking over? […]

  • Mar
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Who Doesn’t Love a Good Coupon?

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And by “good,” we mean coupons for compassionate companies.

  • Feb
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Shop Cruelty-Free With These Coupons!

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These compassionate companies offer everything from vegan biker jackets to chocolate, and you’ll save a few bucks with these online coupons. Happy cruelty-free shopping!

  • Nov
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8 Compassionate Companies That Are Giving Back to Animals

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VIP gift bag

What do a florist, a shoe seller, and a dog-food maker have in common? They’re animal-friendly PETA Business Friends, and they have company—lots of company. The dozens of companies that support PETA’s work include a travel planner and a B&B, a yoga school, a chocolatier, and wine and popcorn shops. Looking for a fancy watch? […]

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Check out these deals on cruelty-free, animal-friendly products from PETA Business Friends.

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