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Live-Animal Eating Exposed

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Imagine being pulled from a tank, flung onto a table, and pinned down as your arms and legs are cut off. At restaurants across the country, octopuses—after suffering a harrowing shipment halfway around the world—are hacked apart and served as a Korean dish called “sannakji” (literally, “wriggling octopus”).

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A Call to Arms for Octopuses

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We all know that eating animals is bad for our health, but eating octopuses takes this problem to an all-new level. That’s because some restaurants are chopping up and serving live octopuses to their customers—and the suction cups on the animals’ still-wriggling limbs can stick inside diners’ throats, causing them to choke! The octopus’s heart […]

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What About Shellfish?

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When people decide to stop eating animals, they may leave some species on their plates because they believe that those animals don’t feel pain. It’s now generally accepted in the scientific community that mammals, birds, and fish have feelings, preferences, and the ability to sense pain. But what about shellfish? The term “shellfish” covers a […]

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