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I Was Never a Protester Until…

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Among the ways I help animals by writing letters —lots of them. My letters are directed to the editors of newspapers and magazines, and they voice my opinion about articles regarding animal rights issues. I write letters for many reasons. One of those reasons is that I am somewhat shy and introverted, and being an “armchair activist” seems …

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Conquering Difficulties When Going Vegan

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I went vegetarian in 1996. Shortly after that, I went vegan . I’ve lived a cruelty-free lifestyle for almost 14 years, and I now find it to be easy and very fulfilling. But it wasn’t always so effortless for me. The two biggest difficulties I experienced when making the switch were having cravings for the animal-derived products that I wanted …

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Tempeh 101

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Tempeh is one of those foods that I find even some of my vegan friends don’t know how to use. Tofu seems to be challenging enough, and usually once someone masters the art of cooking tofu , they stop there. Tempeh is a wonderful soy product, full of protein, with a great nutty flavor. It can be used in many …

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Refrigerator Lists: Easy Weekly Menu Planning

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Cooking has always been a hobby for me, since dinner is my favorite meal of the day. Being a vegan cook makes it even more fun because I can experiment with all kinds of new and fun animal-free ingredients.

However, like everyone, I go through slumps, and sometimes I just don’t feel like thinking about all the …

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Simple, Healthy Snacks (That Just HAPPEN to Be Vegan)

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As I age, I find my eating habits changing. I don’t eat big meals like I did when I was younger, and I snack even less. However, now and then I get a craving for a little treat. Instead of reaching for a soda pop or a bag of salty fried potato chips, I usually opt for a …

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Prime Veggies: Asparagus!

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Asparagus is a root crown, which, when planted in your garden, comes up year after year, just like a bulb. Every year yields more asparagus, because as the crowns develop and grow, they split and branch out. The 10 crowns you plant now could be 20 plants in a few years! We planted asparagus in our garden …

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Educating the World With My Animal Rights T-Shirts

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I was shopping the other day when someone came up and asked me if I was vegetarian. How did they know to ask? I was wearing my “Powered by Tofu” T-shirt. I have several tees with animal-rights messages on them, and I wear them often. An animal rights (AR) message tee can help get a good discussion …

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