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Laura Frisk

  • Mar
  • 16

Activism in the Classroom

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laura frisk

Last year, I decided it was time for me to learn something new. So at 61 years old, I enrolled in my local community college and took Spanish lessons. I also decided that while I was educating myself, I would try to educate the teacher and the other students in the class as well. The […]

  • Feb
  • 10

Eat Like You Give a Damn

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I love to cook, and I love to collect cookbooks. I must have a hundred vegan cookbooks in my collection. The Herbivore Clothing Company’s Michelle Schwegmann and Josh Hooten just put out a new vegan cookbook, Eat Like You Give a Damn, and I needed to add it to my collection. The book starts out […]

  • Jan
  • 28

Don’t Forget Your Hidden Firewood Friends

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The other night, we had a roaring fire going. The house was warm, our dogs and house rabbit were hanging out in front of the fireplace, and I decided to throw on another couple of logs. I picked one up that had a hole in the end. Always worried about harming animals unintentionally, we grabbed a flashlight, looked into the hole, and saw two little eyes staring back at us. A lizard had been sleeping deep in the hole, and we missed him when we gathered our wood. We put the log back into the woodpile outside so the little guy could continue his nap. Luckily, we had found him, but we were still very shook up-if we hadn’t checked the log, it would have been a very painful death for him.

  • Aug
  • 4

Which City Just Said No to Pet Store Dog and Cat Sales?

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Recently, my city council members in Encinitas, California, unanimously passed an ordinance to ban the sale of dogs and cats in pet stores in our city. Currently, there are no pet stores in Encinitas that sell dogs and cats, but the ordinance was passed to prevent one from moving in. We are a very animal-friendly […]

  • May
  • 6

Helping Your ‘Nest’ Friends

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It’s springtime, and since our yard is very animal-friendly, we have many critters who come back year after year and some who never leave, staying to raise their new families. Every spring, two birds nest in our climbing rose bush in front of the house. However, we cut the rose bush back this winter, so […]

  • Mar
  • 17

Real Men Are Vegan!

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real men

When I met my husband, David, he was a vegetarian. I was not. I was eating all kinds of animal products. I credit him, along with PETA, with having had the biggest impact on my decision to go vegan. (David actually went vegan first.) Once I went vegan, I started meeting all kinds of other […]

  • Jan
  • 28

Socca Chickpea Flatbread

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socca recipe

Socca is a traditional flatbread made in Nice, France. Featuring chickpea flour and a few other ingredients, it’s easy to make and full of flavor. There are many socca recipes online, but the first time I ever heard of socca was in VegNews magazine. Gourmet vegan cookbook author Robin Robertson writes food articles for VegNews, […]

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