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Kerry Anderlik

  • Oct
  • 3

Dissection: Cut It Out!

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October is National “Cut Out Dissection” Month so we’re re-posting this moving article from the PETA Prime archive. Did you know that October is “Cut Out Dissection” Month? PETA is active in schools across the country, educating teachers and students about alternatives to the unnecessary and cruel practice of dissection. I was thrilled to hear […]

  • Aug
  • 19

Organizing Your Vegan Potluck

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Vegan potlucks are a wonderful way to enjoy great food and great company, but more importantly, they also provide a terrific opportunity to reach beyond our own circles and expose others to the vegan lifestyle. I have read studies that say the average American eats 96 animals a year. Just imagine, you can save 96 animals each and […]

  • Jan
  • 23

Quirky Cats: It Must Be Something in Their Water

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I wonder how many other PETA Primers share their homes with cats who are water crazy? If you do, you know exactly what I mean by “water crazy.” Some water-crazy cats park themselves at one particular sink and stay there for hours, crying for someone, anyone, to come and turn on the faucet. They bat at the […]

  • Jul
  • 25

Mornings in the Menagerie

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Mornings are my favorite part of the day. My big old dog Zoey wakes me up like clockwork at 5 a.m. each morning with kisses to tell me it’s time for her to go out. The three young kitties sit patiently by the bed, waiting to follow me in line—like I am the Pied Piper—upstairs to the […]

  • Apr
  • 25

Growing Catnip

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I love to garden, and my kitties love to party, so growing catnip is a natural fit! I haven’t been successful growing catnip indoors in pots because my cats can’t keep their paws off it. As soon as the first plant emerges, they dump the pots over and start rolling around in the dirt. We […]

  • Jan
  • 30

Dessert Favorites From Our Vegan Potlucks

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I know it’s not proper to start a meal with sweets, but yummy desserts are always a big hit at vegan potlucks. For years, the two desserts that have consistently been the favorites at our vegan potlucks are Rice Krispies treats and fruit kebabs. Both of these delicious desserts also have the added benefit of being finger […]

  • Jan
  • 10

A Lesson From the Eagle Outside My Window

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There is a bald eagle who hangs out in a tree outside my window. I can tell when the eagle is around because my cat, Lucy, makes unique “the eagle has landed” growling sounds from her hiding spot under the couch. The bald eagle is beautiful and majestic, but I cannot stand to watch him hunt the ducks who I have […]

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