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Jennifer O’Connor

  • Oct
  • 5

Coyote America: A Natural and Supernatural History

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We all know that cockroaches will be around long after we’re all gone, but so will coyotes. These keenly intelligent and adaptable animals have survived for millions of years. They’re exceedingly resilient—they thrive almost everywhere in North America, including metropolitan areas such as New York City. Coyotes are now the most common large wild predators […]

  • Sep
  • 22

Renaissance Fairs Should Bid Farewell to Elephant Rides

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Nosey the elephant at USA Flea Market in Port Richey, Florida. Hugo Liebel holding money text to the bullhook.

What do elephants have to do with 16th century medieval reenactments? Not a thing. Yet, at Renaissance festivals across the country, they are forced to plod in endless circles, day after day, giving rides to paying customers. When used on the fair circuit, elephants are chained inside tractor trailers and hauled from one venue to […]

  • Jun
  • 9

Why Did Harambe Die?

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sad gorilla for blog

How did a 3-year-old boy end up face-to-face with a 400-pound gorilla? Harambe’s death was as preventable as it was tragic. Western lowland gorillas are gentle animals. They never attack unless provoked. Video of the incident at the Cincinnati Zoo shows Harambe appearing to stand guard over the boy and carefully picking him up by […]

  • May
  • 18

Listening to the Voices in the Ocean

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susan casey book

Anyone who has picked up a newspaper lately knows that times are a-changin’ for captive orcas. And while the public’s mindset is evolving about the place of sea life in our world, there’s no other way to say this: Dolphins are in a state of crisis. Wild dolphins are being slaughtered and captured by the […]

  • Mar
  • 14

The Iditarod is Truly March Madness

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Update: Tragedy struck the Iditarod when a snowmobiler killed a dog named Nash and injured three other dogs and a musher. Read more here.  Running a marathon is a physically grueling feat—one that most of us don’t even attempt. For those who do and finish, it’s considered a remarkable accomplishment. So try to imagine running four […]

  • Jan
  • 21

No Fairy-Tale Ending for Elephants

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In the face of growing public condemnation, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus has finally conceded: It’s eliminating elephant acts this May instead of next year, bringing the lame and ailing animals some measure of relief from their days on end chained in stifling, reeking boxcars. But don’t pop the champagne corks just yet. […]

  • Dec
  • 7

Former SeaWorld Trainer Honored

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Nanci John IEN460

First things first: If you haven’t seen the riveting documentary Blackfish, watch it. Today. Blackfish is a scathing exposé of how orcas at SeaWorld are driven insane by captivity. The movie throws back the curtain to reveal what really goes on at the theme park, from an unimpeachable source: a 14-year park veteran, former orca […]

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