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  • Jan
  • 8

University Professor Teaches Clinical Nutrition With Compassion

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Teaching Clinical Nutrition to Chiropractic Students in a manner that promotes respect for our planet and its inhabitants while uncovering uncomfortable truths about the foods that people consume is one of two passions driving Dr. Paul Goldberg’s career. The other is helping his patients reverse chronic disease conditions at his Georgia Chiropractic Practice, The Goldberg […]

  • Sep
  • 19

Common Superstitions and Myths About Animals

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In my travels as a humane educator, I confront moldy myths, superstitions, and flat-out fallacies that, with a simple bit of deduction, prove to be utterly foolish. But these false notions persist, unfortunately, and can have deadly consequences for animals. For instance, many people turning a companion animal into the shelter state, “I just had […]

  • Aug
  • 15

Creating Compassionate Classrooms

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Think back to your favorite book as a child or the movie that had the character or message that stayed with you-and don’t forget your favorite nursery rhyme, fable, or cartoon. Odds are that there was an animal involved. Animals are masterful teachers, and their lessons usually begin in the cradle and, if we’re lucky, […]

  • Jan
  • 16

Kindness is not a finite commodity

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The dog on the chain vibrated with excitement as the woman picked her way through the muddy, junk-strewn yard. She was only bringing a bale of straw to line the floor of the dog’s dilapidated doghouse, a small measure of comfort that would hopefully prevent the dog from freezing to death in the coming winter […]

  • Nov
  • 1

Inhumane Education?

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The word “education” typically produces a positive reaction inspired by warm memories of school. Humane education is an empathy-driven framework that complements all other educational models, expanding a child’s compassion toward all living beings, and it’s becoming more and more mainstream as parents and educators seek to raise kind children. However, lurking in the shadows […]

  • Jul
  • 18

Augustus Club Member Maru Vigo Is a Winner!

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PETA Augustus Club member Maru Vigo teaches middle-school Spanish in Tucson, Arizona—and also animal rights. Because of the profound difference that she has made in her students’ lives and because she never passes up an opportunity to help animals, PETA has recently selected Vigo as a winner in our TeachKind Teacher Appreciation contest for grades […]

  • Apr
  • 5

Don’t Flush the Finned Ones

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When I was a kid, I stood in sad attendance at many a goldfish funeral. To their credit, my parents did attempt to acknowledge the passing of each little finned friend. But even as a youngster, I still felt something wasn’t right when we gathered around the toilet. There was an emptiness I was unable […]

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