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  • Mar
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Go Native! The Importance of Using Native Plants in Your Landscape

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mon butter 2

Without native plants, wildlife cannot be sustained. In an overly simplified nutshell, the lovely cultivars that originate from Asia and Europe and can be purchased at your local nursery or big box store to beautify your landscape are not palatable to our little insect friends. “So what?” you might ask, as you scratch your head. […]

  • Nov
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Winterizing Plants and Sprinklers

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In the landscape industry, we watch for nighttime temperatures. Oftentimes, we tell clients that they need to winterize their plants and sprinklers even when it’s warm outside, because the nighttime temperature can drop to freezing or below. To winterize plants: Sod: Apply a winterizer, which can be found in garden centers or big box stores in […]

  • Oct
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Leaf Well Enough Alone

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Sassafras leaves

Nearly everyone loves the annual colorful pageant of autumn leaves on the trees. But once they fall, nearly every property owner despises them. There seems to be a compulsive instinct to remove every last leaf from our yards and gardens and an obsession to rake the ground bare. But now for some kind words in […]

  • Jun
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Turn Your Garden into a Sanctuary for Birds and Butterflies

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Ah, watching the beautiful birds and butterflies who pass through my back yard is breathtaking! I welcome them and hope that they can find sanctuary and comfort in my garden. How can you turn your garden into a more accommodating and nurturing place for birds and butterflies? Some plants are toxic to domestic animals, so […]

  • Jun
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Humane Gardening Tips: Fake Snakes Serve as Serpent Sentries

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A few years ago, the hardscape portion of my landscape was being vandalized nearly every night by some curious critter—most likely a raccoon. The rock borders of the paths would be tossed about like children’s blocks, and the fist-sized river pebbles used as a drainage bed around the house would be randomly uprooted. I tried […]

  • Sep
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A Beautiful Yard With Multiple Dogs

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Many of my clients do animal rescue work, which means they may be fostering a number of dogs at any given time. Multiple dogs can wreak havoc on your garden, and they cannot get the space needed to explore and run around if it is not organized in a way that accommodates them. To preserve […]

  • Aug
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‘Fire Hydrants’ Don’t Always Provide Water

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“Why does my dog always lift his leg on my plants and kill them?” This question is a top concern for dog guardians, especially those with male dogs. When we get the call that dogs have killed many plants in a new garden, I always suspect the lack of “fire hydrants,” as I call them. […]

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