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  • Feb
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Don’t Buy the ‘Free-Range’ Lie

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There’s a local market near my house where I like to buy fruits and vegetables every Saturday morning. A small market, it has just the right amount of glorious tropical fruit and imported Korean persimmons for a hungry herbivore like me. But in between the rows of fresh flower bouquets and Himalayan rock salt lies […]

  • Jun
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Free-Range Eggs Aren’t All They’re Cracked Up to Be

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Many people have been scrambling to buy eggs from free-range farms, thinking that they’re healthier and more humane than eggs from factory farms. While buying eggs from local farmers who don’t cram hens into small, filthy cages is kinder than buying eggs that were produced on factory farms, it’s not a truly viable—or humane—solution. More […]

  • Dec
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The Myth of Humane Meat

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The vast majority of Americans are opposed to cruelty to animals, yet many of those same people eat meat, dairy products, and eggs. Learning about the appalling conditions that exist on factory farms has led many people to choose a vegetarian or vegan diet. For those who don’t feel ready to go vegan, buying so-called […]

  • Oct
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Egg Industry Broken Wide Open

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If anyone still believes that “organic” eggs are a humane choice, please look at these gut-wrenching photos from the Organic Valley farm in Wisconsin: They show birds in stinking, stifling, windowless warehouses, crammed so tightly together that they’re barely able to move—much less spread their wings, scratch in the dirt, or interact normally in any way. The […]

  • Sep
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‘Cage-Free’ Doesn’t Mean ‘Cruelty-Free’

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While the recent salmonella outbreak in eggs may turn public opinion on the safety of animal products, a recent New York Times article focused on something much more important: the suffering of some 340 million chickens for egg production and the various marketing schemes that the U.S. egg industry employs to keep consumers in the […]

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