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‘Veg Out’ in Sarasota

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Tired of the cold weather? Then head to sunny Sarasota, where I live. Sit on the white-sand beaches, stroll through the tropical botanical gardens, picnic in beautiful bayside parks, and eat great-tasting vegan food at some of the best restaurants on the West Coast—of Florida, that is. Not only is Sarasota relatively warm in the […]

  • Apr
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Orlando: Vegging out in the Sunshine State

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Say the word “Orlando,” and most people think of theme parks. But to many travelers, Orlando means business. Orlando has one of the world’s largest convention centers, and with the new expansion of the four-diamond Peabody hotel, it has one of the world’s largest conference hotels as well. The options for vegetarian and vegan dining […]

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Jacksonville: Animal-Friendly Urban Villages, Parks, and Beaches

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On Florida’s northeast coast near the Georgia line, Jacksonville is best known for business. But the metropolis holds rewards aplenty for cross-species vacationers. Usually, when I’m surrounded by many handsome mixed breeds, it’s at an adoption fair. But I recently enjoyed a good deal of time among canines, with smiling humans in tow, who were […]

  • Nov
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PETA Member Profile: Laura Guttridge

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In the early 1980s, I received a complimentary copy of Animal Liberation from PETA. Within a few years, I became a PETA member and started to live my life from a different perspective. After moving from Chicago to Ocala, Florida, I started my own animal rights group, called “Marion County Voices For Animals.” We were successful […]

  • Aug
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Visiting Florida?

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Traveling to Florida

Looking for a destination that has it all—from sun and surf to theme parks and national parks to fine wining and dining? Then set your sights on the Sunshine State—Florida! It’s no surprise that Florida is a vegetarian oasis, considering the mix of health-conscious people who make this popular state their full- or part-time home. […]

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