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  • Feb
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Speciesism and Social Justice

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It’s common to see comparisons where an animal’s intelligence is measured against that of a human. To some, the nonhuman animal’s own, innate intelligence and sentience is not sufficient and is considered only relevant as it compares to our own. Quite the self-preservation strategy for humans, isn’t it? Would we as a species ever really allow an …

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  • Jun
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Are You as Kind as a Macaque?

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Nearly 50 years ago, a now-infamous study by Stanley Milgram, Ph.D., revealed that most people would administer what they believed were painful shocks to another person if an authority figure ordered them to do so. The shocks weren’t real—but the test subjects didn’t know that. Most kept on administering “shocks” long after the supposed recipient began screaming in …

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  • Jul
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Vegans: We Do Care About Humans!

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I have a friend who’s passionate about HIV-prevention education. He frequents our university’s HIV-education organization’s meetings, and he’s never shy to recommend a free HIV-screening test to anyone. He invites others who might otherwise be shy to come along for a screening test. And this same friend recycles. He won’t allow any bit of aluminum, plastic, or …

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  • Mar
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To Serve Man

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“To Serve Man” is a marvelous science fiction short story written in 1950 by Damon Knight. In it, an alien species called the “Kanamit” arrives on Earth, offering to give humankind “the peace and plenty which we ourselves enjoy.” People’s initial distrust gives way to gratitude as the Kanamit offer a cheap source of limitless energy, a device …

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  • Feb
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Rights, Wrongs, and the Golden Rule: Part 2

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This is the second part of a this article. You can read the first post here .

For far too long in our history, there has been a disconnect between human rights and animal rights and that disconnect has caused discord between people who are “for” human rights (but not necessarily for animal rights) and people who are “for” animal rights.

There …

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The Myth of Humane Meat

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The vast majority of Americans are opposed to cruelty to animals, yet many of those same people eat meat, dairy products, and eggs. Learning about the appalling conditions that exist on factory farms has led many people to choose a vegetarian or vegan diet. For those who don’t feel ready to go vegan, buying so-called “humane meat”   may have …

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