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  • Aug
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Creating Compassionate Classrooms

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Think back to your favorite book as a child or the movie that had the character or message that stayed with you-and don’t forget your favorite nursery rhyme, fable, or cartoon. Odds are that there was an animal involved. Animals are masterful teachers, and their lessons usually begin in the cradle and, if we’re lucky, remain with us to the grave.

I was a …

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  • Dec
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Nurture or Nature – What Makes Us Compassionate?

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Like many other vegans and animal rights activists I know, no one else in my family is particularly “into” animals the way that I am. Some friends of mine have even been disowned by their families because of their unwavering commitment to helping animals. So where does this desire to help animals come from – nature or …

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  • Jun
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Zoos: Don’t ‘Get the Party Started’

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What do blaring techno-pop, psychotropic drugs and zoos have in common? The answer, of course, should be “nothing,” but in an effort to keep revenue flowing in, zoos and aquariums around the world are welcoming events ranging from raves to weddings at their facilities—at a high cost to the resident animals. It’s bad enough that animals are confined to these …

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  • Feb
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Reading, Writing, and … Animal Rights

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Reading, writing, and animal rights.

If you’ve been considering going back to school, you might be pleasantly surprised by the variety of offerings in current course catalogs, including a quickly growing number of animal studies programs.

The Animals and Society Institute now lists more than 100 university courses across the country that fall under the rubric of animal studies, including the animal studies minor program at Drury University, …

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  • Jul
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The Vegan Grandmother: Great Movies—Great Messages

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Back in the day, we had very few movies to which we could point and say, “Now there’s a good, strong, humane message!” Oh sure, there were a few kid-oriented movies with a moral to the story, a few that were entertaining and educational, and even some that were socially sensitive. And of course, we had movies that …

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  • Mar
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The Vegan Grandmother’s Guide to Humane Education

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Whenever I hear of an animal ordinance, statute, or law that gives protections or special considerations to animals, I always think of the activists who came before me in order to bring about that legislation. For example, I know that a law we have here in Florida prohibiting untethered dogs in the back of pick-up trucks only exists …

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  • Jan
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PETA Member Works Across Generations to Help Animals

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Every one of the 250 children raised their hands to Principal Wanda Heidelburg’s question: “Who here likes animals?” In the front-row bench of the cafeteria, kindergarteners dangled their feet at least 4 to 6 inches above the floor. An expectant murmur hummed through the cavernous space as Ms. Heidelburg introduced this morning’s “special” guest.

What a treat …

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