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Dr. Barry Kipperman

  • Jul
  • 16

A Medical Fund for Your Animal Companion

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I walk into the examination room and see a cute, 6-month-old male Shih Tzu named Gus. Gus’ caretaker is a frail, older woman with a walking cane. Gus appears bright and happy. I’m told, “You’re the fourth vet I’ve seen for this problem, so I hope you can fix him.” As a veterinary specialist, I’m […]

  • Jan
  • 9

How long do cats and dogs live?

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I’m asked this question every week, usually by well-meaning guardians trying to make sound medical decisions in behalf of their older dog or cat. The good news is that our animal companions are living longer than ever before. Let’s discuss the reasons: 1) Preventive veterinary care: Veterinarians have far greater resources to discover and treat […]

  • Oct
  • 30

Keeping Your Dogs and Cats Safe on Halloween

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Halloween can be a fun time for children-and adults who like dressing up (I always think back to the “Thriller” video … I loved the Vincent Price rap!). Unfortunately, the frequent visitors in ghoulish costumes and the large amount of candy lying around our homes do present hazards for our animal companions. Of all the […]

  • Jun
  • 29

How Often Do I Really Need to Take My Animal Friend to the Vet?

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I’m frequently asked this question outside the office. There are lots of reasons that lead people to neglect their animal companions by not visiting the vet, including cost and the refusal to take time off work, and let’s face it, it can be a hassle transporting some animals (especially cats) from your home to the […]

  • Jun
  • 11

Our New Relationships With Dogs and Cats

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I always smile inside when a client tells me, “You know, back when I was growing up, we had dogs, but they stayed outside. My parents wouldn’t believe that my dog now sleeps on the bed and that I’m bringing her to a specialist!” These types of sentiments are commonplace at my office and cause […]

  • Mar
  • 22

Making Difficult Decisions When Your Animal Is Sick: An Insider’s Perspective

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One of the most difficult parts of my job as a veterinarian is communicating to you, the guardian, that your animal companion has a serious illness. My goal is to be empathetic, informative, and clear and to provide you with as many humane options for care as possible. A barrier to meeting this goal is […]

  • Nov
  • 21

Make the Holidays Safer for Your Animals

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As we all know, this is a wonderful time of year during which we all give thanks for our blessings and spend time with our friends and family. During all the fun and excitement, it’s critical to have the health and safety of your animal uppermost in your mind. Many people travel during the holidays, […]

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