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  • Nov
  • 30

3 Ways Dogs Can Help Heal Your Election Blues

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If you feel that the recent presidential election has gone to the dogs, you may be right but not in the way you think. For the millions who voted for the presidential candidate that didn’t win but are fortunate enough to live with a canine, your BFF may be just what the doctor ordered. Studies […]

  • Nov
  • 3

The Joys of Adopting a Senior Animal Companion

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November is “Adopt a Senior Pet” Month, and as anyone who has adopted an older animal can tell you, age is just a number. Furry seniors still have a lot of life—and love—left. Just ask anybody who has met Pepsi or Itchy. Like so many homeless animals, Pepsi lost his home through no fault of […]

  • Aug
  • 16

Don’t Bake Your Best Friend This Summer

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Most dogs love going for walks, romping at the dog park, leaping for Frisbees or sprinting for tennis balls. But during the “dog days of summer,” when temperatures are soaring, letting dogs overexert themselves (or forcing them to) isn’t doing them any favors. In fact, it could do them in. Dogs simply can’t handle the […]

  • Aug
  • 10

Pigs Starved, Mutilated, and Left to Die at Darlynn’s Darlins ‘Rescue’

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PETA has documented that at Darlynn’s Darlins Rescue Ranch, Inc. (DDRR), outside Polk City, Florida, pigs weren’t given anything to eat for up to five days at a time, and then, when they were, it was often nothing but rotten scraps of produce and moldy bread. Sick, injured, and dying animals were denied veterinary care. […]

  • Jul
  • 6

Summer Heat Can Kill Dogs

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Dogs left outside can become overheated, and not having access to water or shade can be fatal for them. PETA put up billboards in Virginia and North Carolina—which are currently experiencing heat waves and where there are many chained dogs—warning owners about the dangers of leaving their dogs outside.

  • Jun
  • 24

Turn Your Garden into a Sanctuary for Birds and Butterflies

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Some may want to buy a birdfeeder, but if you place feeders out for the birds they can provide as many dangers as they can benefits and can also attract rats and mice as well as predators. Instead, it’s best to use living plants to help transform your back yard into a natural bird and […]

  • Jun
  • 21

Your Dog Would Like You to Read This, Please …

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As a longtime PETA supporter and cofounder of Adopt-a-Pet.com, Amy Luwis is probably one of the most enthusiastic animal advocates you’re likely to meet. This author, cartoonist, and activist puts her words and edgy artistic talents into action for animals, and she’s created cartoons for PETA, the Doris Day Animal Foundation, and others. It’s safe […]

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