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Small Town Takes Big Step for Dogs

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Come visit the tiny town of Wheldon, North Carolina. This town recently enacted a total ban on chaining dogs, one of the strictest anti-tethering laws in the state. Well done, Wheldon!

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For Animals, the Skies Are Anything but Friendly

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Summer is just around the corner, and if you’re like me, you’re already making vacation plans and a list of what to pack. Wherever our travels take us, if we’re getting there by air, one “item” that never belongs on our list is our animal companions.

An analysis by a San Francisco–area TV station found that 302 animals died , …

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Cold enough for ya? It is for your dog

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JTM12a_DB (2)

I like to joke that my rescued greyhound, Jasper, is like a canine Barbie doll. He has an outfit for every occasion: two fleece jackets, a lightweight winter coat, a heavyweight winter coat, a raincoat and even pajamas. I sometimes get ribbed by friends about Jasper’s extensive wardrobe, but greyhounds, like other short-coated dogs, are extremely sensitive …

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Dogs Can Be Vegan!

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Making the choice to become vegan is a personal, reflective process of deciding whether or not you want to make the leap to a plant-based diet and lifestyle that benefits you, animals, and the planet. You go through your fridge, pantry, clothes closet, and personal-care products to take inventory of what includes the use of animals and …

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How to Be an Angel This Holiday Season

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The lonely dog sitting on a patch of frozen dirt in the bitter cold with a heavy chain pulling at his or her neck isn’t enjoying life—that dog is miserable! Just as you or I would be if we were left out in the freezing cold and snow all winter. It absolutely kills me when I hear …

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The Joys of Adopting a Senior Pet

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November is “Adopt a Senior Pet” Month , and as anyone who has adopted an older animal can tell you, age is just a number. Furry seniors still have a lot of life—and love—left. Just ask anybody who has met Pepsi or Itchy.

Like so many homeless animals , Pepsi lost his home through no fault of his own. His guardian was a victim …

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Keep Animals Safe From Fall Poison Dangers

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About this time every year, there’s a tree on my mom’s street that sprouts a large, orangey mushroom at its base. This is a “chicken of the woods “ mushroom that, you guessed it, tastes just like chicken. Rinsed, sliced into chunks, and sautéed, it’s the perfect cruelty-free addition to pasta sauce and stir-fries.

However, not all mushrooms are as kitchen-ready …

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