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  • Apr
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Prime Guide to Disaster Preparedness for Animals

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In light of the recent earthquake in Nepal, we thought we would republish this post. It pays to be prepared to help your animal companions when disasters strike.

Who can forget those awful images after the tsunami of people and animals displaced by the flooding? Like so many people, I wanted to help but didn’t have the skills. So I took …

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  • Oct
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Will Your Animal Companions Be Protected in a Disaster?

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Disaster cat.

The looming threat of Hurricane Sandy to much of East Coast should all of us–no matter where we live–how critical is it to prepare to for disasters that may put the animals who share our lives at risk. It’s vitally important to know what would happen if a hurricane, fire, tornado, earthquake, flood, or other natural or …

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  • Aug
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PETA Prepares for Hurricane Irene

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Hurricane Isabel left rushing rivers where there was once a road and a park at PETA HQ!

Mine was one of the few cars early this morning headed into Hampton Roads, where PETA’s headquarters are located. The roads are at a standstill in much of Norfolk and Virginia Beach as tourists and many residents, especially those with homes on the water, head inland and north, many under mandatory evacuation notices issued late last night.

We are grateful to Virginia’s Gov. …

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  • Apr
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Disaster and Your Animals: Plan Ahead

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The recent triple crisis in Japan —a near-record earthquake, a devastating tsunami, and radioactive discharges from damaged nuclear power plants—underscores the importance of being prepared for natural disasters and other events that require evacuations. What we often don’t see during the round-the-clock news coverage is the toll that these emergencies take on cats, dogs, and other companion animals, as well as their …

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  • Oct
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Vegan Unplugged: A Pantry Cuisine Cookbook and Survival Guide

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Living in Southern California’s earthquake zone, I have the usual assortment of canned goods and bottled water in my pantry. And I think I know where the flashlight is. But after reading Vegan Unplugged, I realize that I’m not as prepared for an emergency as I’d thought.

Vegan Unplugged is a well-organized manual for survival. It includes step-by-step …

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  • Jul
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Help Animals Weather a Wicked Hurricane Season

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The arrival of Hurricane Alex and Tropical Storm Bonnie is just the beginning of what experts have predicted will be one of the most active hurricane seasons on record. Up to 23 named tropical storms and hurricanes are predicted, and emergency planners are concerned that a storm surge could carry oil from the Gulf spill inland. We can’t …

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