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Dan Paden

  • Jul
  • 26

An Industry Built on Suffering

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What’s the backbone of the poultry industry? Suffering. And few touched by this industry escape unscathed. Earlier this year, an Oxfam report found that workers at this country’s four largest chicken conglomerates are ignored, ridiculed or even threatened with being fired if they dare to ask for or take “unscheduled” bathroom breaks. Those who are […]

  • Feb
  • 21

Gassed En Masse: Why Kind People Don’t Wear Fur

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Imagine if, right in front of you, terrified, screaming animals were grabbed by their sensitive tails, roughly crammed into a metal drum—as many as 30 at a time—and crudely suffocated with dirty gas from a running engine. They fight for their lives until the very end. It’s gruesome, and no one wants to think about […]

  • Sep
  • 22

Just How Humane Is “Humanely Raised” Meat?

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If you’ve been to a natural foods store or upscale restaurant lately, you’ve likely seen signs proclaiming that at least some of the meat came from “humanely raised” animals. But what exactly does that mean? As a new PETA investigation has found, “humane meat” labels are often worth less than the recycled paper they’re printed […]

  • Jan
  • 29

Cherokee’s Trail of Tears Continues

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The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians in North Carolina has a long history of suffering and hardship, and adversity on their territory has not yet come to an end. The sovereign land is home to three decrepit roadside zoos, in which animals are deprived of everything that is natural and important to them. One zoo, […]

  • Mar
  • 20

‘No-Kill’ Nightmare: When an Animal ‘Sanctuary’ Isn’t

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Acquiring an animal means making a lifetime commitment. But what if illness, economic hardship or some other unforeseen circumstance forces you to give up a cherished animal companion? Many well-meaning people unwittingly turn to pseudo-sanctuaries that promise loving care for their animals, but as a new PETA undercover investigation reveals, giving animals away to strangers—even […]

  • Nov
  • 11

The Meat Industry Endangers Motorists and Animals Alike

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Out along highways and rural roads throughout the U.S., you’ll see tractor-trailers loaded with pigs—or cattle, turkeys or chickens—taking the animals to their fate. Most of us prefer not to think of the gruesome end that these animals face. But scenes of slaughter play out along these same roads again and again as the trucks […]

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