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  • May
  • 13

Just in Time for Father’s Day: Win a New Wallet!

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big wallet

These days, it seems like we’re finding ways to streamline everything: package shipping, Internet service, airport check-in, etc. So why aren’t we streamlining how we pay for everything? Most of the men I know carry around such huge, clunky wallets that they have permanent squares etched into their back pockets and can’t sit down without unpacking them …

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  • Jan
  • 21

Keep Animals Close to Your Heart and WIN a Larry Torro Necklace

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Many of us take pride in expressing our positions on political, ethical, and artistic issues with bumper stickers, T-shirts, and so forth. Do you do the same for animal-welfare issues?

Animal rights activist and artist Larry Torro  offers a stunning expression of compassion for all animals, from rabbits and elephants to dogs and birds. The unique sterling silver …

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  • Dec
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Dogs Can Be Vegan!

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Making the choice to become vegan is a personal, reflective process of deciding whether or not you want to make the leap to a plant-based diet and lifestyle that benefits you, animals, and the planet. You go through your fridge, pantry, clothes closet, and personal-care products to take inventory of what includes the use of animals and …

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  • Nov
  • 11

WIN a ‘New York for the Holidays’ Treat Package From Vegan Cuts!

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If you haven’t heard of Vegan Cuts until now, welcome to the light. This company simplifies the way that you hear about the newest and most highly recommended vegan products on the market. From snacks to beauty products (and everything in between), Vegan Cuts has you covered!

This holiday season, Vegan Cuts is offering a fabulous “New York for …

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  • Sep
  • 9

Win a Cruelty-Free Handbag!

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Here’s your opportunity to win one of two terrific vegan handbags from cruelty-free retailer Debra Handbags !

Debra Handbags proudly designs and sells “handbags without guilt.” Each of their designs is a practical, chic alternative to cruel leather products or boring fabric designs. Whether you’re looking for an everyday bag for shopping around town or something flashy for that …

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  • Aug
  • 28

Win a Copy of Vegan For Her!

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vegan for her

You already know that going vegan is the best choice that you can make for animals, the environment, and your health. While there are many great resources for health and nutrition information online to help when switching to an animal-friendly lifestyle, finding comprehensive answers to the many questions that are unique to vegan women can sometimes seem …

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  • Jul
  • 30

Win a Vegan Handbag From Urban Expressions!

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Urban Expression Bag

Now’s your chance to win one of three stylish and fashionable skin-free handbags from Urban Expressions.

To enter, simply e-mail your answer to the question “What does cruelty-free mean to you?” —along with your full name, street address, and phone number. Be creative! Tell us the story of what inspired you to drop skins from your own wardrobe, write a poem about how you convinced a family member to ditch …

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