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A Humane Holiday Hymn

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The following article was written by Karen Porreca and Heather Moore. ‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was suffering, not even a mouse. The stockings were stuffed with cruelty-free snacks and animal-friendly presents were piled up in stacks. The kids dressed in PJs, tucked warm in their beds, […]

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The Case for Vegan Christmas Cookies

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Of all the foods associated with the holiday season, cookies may be the most ubiquitous—and the best-loved. They’re easy to make and fun to eat and instantly put everyone in a better mood. What’s a holiday office potluck or party for friends without plates piled high with rugelach and spiced snickerdoodles? But what if all […]

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Smart Santas Don’t Give Animals as Gifts

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Nothing’s more fun than surprising someone with just the right holiday gift. But when the gift is an animal, the story doesn’t always have a happy ending. I’ve been a volunteer at my local animal shelter for almost nine years. I always read the little cards on the front of each cage to see why […]

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Be a Secret Santa for Animals!

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Will you make room on your Christmas list—and in your heart—for an animal in need? PETA is looking for a few Secret Santas for a cold dog, an unsterilized cat, or an exhausted Indian bullock. Your friends and relatives probably already have enough knickknacks and new gadgets to stretch from here to the top of […]

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Not-so-merry Mangers

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The holidays are upon us, and along with mall bargains and festivities, many people look forward to the calming presence of their church’s nativity scene. Yet some of these tableaux include camels, sheep and donkeys, which is stressful and dangerous for the animals and also an inaccurate rendition. In his new biography of Jesus Christ, […]

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Best of PETA Prime: Remembering Animal Shelters at the Holidays

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Those who care for animals at our community animal shelters are often taken for granted. Working under the most stressful conditions, these unsung heroes deserve our special thanks, and the holiday season can be an ideal time to show our appreciation. Many animal shelters are in dire financial shape—especially those impacted by the current economic […]

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Why I Hate Christmas Music

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mindgutter / CC This year, I would like a pair of sweatpants for Christmas. The pair I’ve got now came out of the “Lost and Found” bin at the local gym when my originals split a seam (Oh, if only that new bulge were muscle). Now, that pair has sprung leaks, a series of small […]

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