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Keep Your Animals Safe and Happy This Halloween

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Each October, Halloween ushers in its own brand of awesomeness in the form of pumpkins, candy , and costumes. Spider webs and creepy decorations set the stage for ghost stories and trick-or-treating. But holiday fun for humans can translate into hazards for companion animals. Halloween is the busiest time of year for the  Pet Poison Helpline because companion animals often accidentally …

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Cats and Their Claws

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We cat lovers all have the same issue. What to do with our sweet little ones when they go on clawing around! We all know that declawing is a no-no, so what to do?

Here is an excerpt from my book Making Kind Choices , which discusses the issue.

Cats have to scratch as surely as birds gotta fly, …

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Keep Animals Safe From Fall Poison Dangers

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About this time every year, there’s a tree on my mom’s street that sprouts a large, orangey mushroom at its base. This is a “chicken of the woods “ mushroom that, you guessed it, tastes just like chicken. Rinsed, sliced into chunks, and sautéed, it’s the perfect cruelty-free addition to pasta sauce and stir-fries.

However, not all mushrooms are as kitchen-ready …

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The cold, hard truth about feral cats

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They named her Frosty because she had been found nearly frozen to death in a Wisconsin barn, barely conscious, piteously mewing a “death cry,” as her rescuers described it. With emergency care, the emaciated 10-week-old “barn kitten” survived the night, but she has been fighting for her life ever since, battling pneumonia, diarrhea and frostbite on her …

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Adopting Senior Cats

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Most of the people I know already have a houseful of cats and are maxed out on the number of cats they can care for. I also know people who love cats, but they only have one cat because they are afraid that their older cat “hates other cats.”

If you have been considering adopting another cat to keep your cat company , now might be the perfect time. Many of the …

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Microchips Keep Families Together

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Last month, I saw a beautiful gray cat lying in my driveway. From a distance, she appeared to be well-fed and cared for, but she wasn’t wearing a collar. Fortunately, since I live in Sarasota, it wasn’t too cold out. But it was dark, and I couldn’t tell whether she was all right, so I made some …

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Quirky Cats: It Must Be Something in Their Water

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I wonder how many other PETA Primers share their homes with cats who are water crazy? If you do, you know exactly what I mean by “water crazy.”

Some water-crazy cats park themselves at one particular sink and stay there for hours, crying for someone, anyone, to come and turn on the faucet. They bat at the water and …

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