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  • Nov
  • 17

Reading Your Cat’s Eyes

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Many of us cat lovers think that we really know our cats well enough. But by taking the time, we can actually communicate with them on a whole new level. This can be easily done by paying closer attention to their eyes! Here are some tips that I outlined in my book 250 Things You […]

  • Oct
  • 26

Cats and Their Claws

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We cat lovers all have the same issue. What to do with our sweet little ones when they go on clawing around! We all know that declawing is a no-no, so what to do? Here is an excerpt from my book Making Kind Choices, which discusses the issue. Cats have to scratch as surely as […]

  • Oct
  • 25

Keep Your Animals Safe and Happy This Halloween

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Each October, Halloween ushers in its own brand of awesomeness in the form of pumpkins, candy, and costumes. Spider webs and creepy decorations set the stage for ghost stories and trick-or-treating. But holiday fun for humans can translate into hazards for companion animals. Halloween is the busiest time of year for the Pet Poison Helpline because companion […]

  • Sep
  • 20

Avoid Cat-astrophic Boredom With Kitty Food Puzzles

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muffetcat / cc

Cats are intelligent hunters who love to work for their food. But many kitties who live indoors with their human companions have few opportunities to engage in such natural hunting and foraging behaviors. This lack of mental stimulation can lead to boredom, obesity, and even aggression. But letting cats outside puts them at grave risk […]

  • Apr
  • 19

Is Your Cat Showing One of These 25 Signs of Pain?

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One evening, I was sitting on the couch watching TV with my cat Sam on my lap when he suddenly fainted and nearly fell to the floor. Horrified, I rushed him to the emergency vet, only to find that he had a congenital heart defect, which, even with treatment, would prove fatal within 18 months. […]

  • Mar
  • 3

Picking the Perfect Cat-Sitter

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It’s time to go on vacation, but unfortunately, you cannot take your feline friend with you. Your neighbor will not be able to watch your cat companion either. You concede that you will have to work with an outside sitter. But how do you know that the sitter will provide the proper service? Here are […]

  • Feb
  • 16

Five Signs of a Stressed or Sick Cat

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Here’s how to read the signs of stress or illness and act fast to help your meow mate. Your cat depends on you for everything that he or she needs—fresh water, food, a clean litterbox, veterinary care, and, just as important, affection and love. When cats feel stressed or sick, they may behave in uncharacteristic […]

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