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  • Sep
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Avoid Cat-astrophic Boredom With Kitty Food Puzzles

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Cats are intelligent hunters who love to work for their food. But many kitties who live indoors with their human companions have few opportunities to engage in such natural hunting and foraging behaviors. This lack of mental stimulation can lead to boredom, obesity, and even aggression. But letting cats outside puts them at grave risk […]

  • Apr
  • 19

Is Your Cat Showing One of These 25 Signs of Pain?

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One evening, I was sitting on the couch watching TV with my cat Sam on my lap when he suddenly fainted and nearly fell to the floor. Horrified, I rushed him to the emergency vet, only to find that he had a congenital heart defect, which, even with treatment, would prove fatal within 18 months. […]

  • Mar
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Picking the Perfect Cat-Sitter

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It’s time to go on vacation, but unfortunately, you cannot take your feline friend with you. Your neighbor will not be able to watch your cat companion either. You concede that you will have to work with an outside sitter. But how do you know that the sitter will provide the proper service? Here are […]

  • Feb
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Five Signs of a Stressed or Sick Cat

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Here’s how to read the signs of stress or illness and act fast to help your meow mate. Your cat depends on you for everything that he or she needs—fresh water, food, a clean litterbox, veterinary care, and, just as important, affection and love. When cats feel stressed or sick, they may behave in uncharacteristic […]

  • Jan
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What to Do If Your Companion Gets Lost

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I’ve run across some really sad cases of guardians who lost their feline companions and did not know what steps to take to recover them. Here are some basic guidelines that were originally published in my book 250 Things You Can Do to Make Your Cat Adore You. These steps should also work for most other […]

  • Oct
  • 30

Keep Your Cat Indoors on Halloween and All Year Round

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When my mom was a little girl, she had a favorite black cat named Midnight. He was one of more than a dozen former strays who had wandered into the family’s life, drawn by the abundance of cat food that was always set out on the front porch. Occasionally, one of the cats would mysteriously […]

  • Oct
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From the Mailbag: Stressed Cats

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My neighbor took on a second job and says her cat has been urinating outside the litterbox while she’s at work. What should she do? —Concerned Kitty Confidant When cats feel stressed or sick, they may behave in uncharacteristic ways, including by having, ahem, “accidents.” First and foremost, your neighbor must take her cat to […]

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