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  • Dec
  • 23

Bears Should Be Hibernating—but Roadside Zoos Keep Them on Display

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Some bears stake out home ranges that stretch for miles, but others aren’t so territorial. Some can shinny up a tree, and others are exceptional diggers. While some run fast—at nearly 35 mph—others can outpace an Olympic swimmer. At this time of year, though, most bears have something in common: They hibernate. It’s innate, a […]

  • May
  • 10

PETA’s Work for Bears Who Suffer in the Entertainment Industry

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The support of our members is helping PETA make progress for all animals, including bears used for entertainment. PETA is working to improve the minimal standards of care for bears and to move them to appropriate sanctuaries. As a result of our work over the past three years, 41 bears have been rescued from dismal […]

  • Jan
  • 13

Animals Are Wondrous: Bears

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Bears are among the most fun-loving animals on the planet. Few animals play more than bear cubs do. And they can’t resist the lure of a springy sapling. They climb up, ride the tops down, get off, and climb back up again. They walk the bent-over trees like tightropes and play “king of the mountain” […]

  • Feb
  • 20

Sanctuary Founder Leaves Safe-Haven Legacy

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It is with deep sadness that we report the passing of Pat Derby, the former animal trainer who saw the error of the entertainment industry’s ways and spent the rest of her life helping captive animals by providing them with safe havens at her three spacious Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) sanctuaries in California. Pat […]

  • Jan
  • 29

Cherokee’s Trail of Tears Continues

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The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians in North Carolina has a long history of suffering and hardship, and adversity on their territory has not yet come to an end. The sovereign land is home to three decrepit roadside zoos, in which animals are deprived of everything that is natural and important to them. One zoo, […]

  • Sep
  • 26

Knowing Animals

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Many people treat the various animals in their lives very differently. A man might adore a dog named Rusty and treat him as a much-loved family member while at the same time consuming meat from a pig raised on a factory farm. This is despite the fact that both dogs and pigs are intelligent and […]

  • Aug
  • 22

These Tourist Traps are the Pits

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If your family is planning a vacation in the waning weeks of summer, there is an easy way to save time and gas and avoid bringing home awful memories: Simply drive past decrepit roadside zoos and other cruel tourist traps that use animals. Vacationers with money to spend keep these archaic exhibits in business, and […]

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